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Dari K


Using cacao bean to change Sulawesi, from bean to bar chocolate, Japan 

Dari K was founded in March 2011 to manufacture and sell chocolate and other cacao-related products as well as for import and wholesale of cacao beans.


“Dari” means “from” in the Indonesian language, and “K” represents the shape of Sulawesi Island, a major cocoa producing region in the country, which looks like alphabet letter “K”. Hence Dari K means “From Sulawesi Island”.


The most significant difference between other confectionery shops and Dari K is that they do not use any ready-made couverture chocolate. They make their original flavourful cocoa mass from scratch. Thus, Dari K became the pioneer of a so-called “bean to bar” chocolate shop in Japan.


Another thing which makes Dari K’s chocolate unique is that they do not coat ganache with hard couverture chocolate as Chef Keiichi does not seek the long shelf life. He rather prioritizes the fresh aroma of cocoa over convenience of storage. No cocoa butter is added nor emulsifier, to realize less oily and stronger aroma chocolate. Instead of adding other ingredients, Chef Keiichi tries to maximize the potential aroma and taste of cocoa by carefully checking fermentation degree, adjusting roasting temperature and time, as well as conching and refining method.


Chef Keiichi frequently travels between Japan and Indonesia. He teaches the young motivated cocoa farmers how to make chocolate in a home industry, plants cocoa trees to reduce deforestation, and makes biogas from the disposed cocoa pods. The mission of Dari K is to ensure that the fruits benefit not only the consumers but also the producers equally. They will continue to put every effort to achieve this goal.